Since attending the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, I have more than 15 years of professional editing experience. My passion has been assembling footage captured by extremely talented people into pieces that are always more than the sum of their parts, combining energetic pacing with creative sound, music, and coloring. I've worked in television, commercials, reality, live events, motion graphics, music videos, web content, and more.

I am a Peabody Award winner and Emmy nominee. You can view my resume here.

Below are some samples of my best work. I look forward to taking your ideas for a ride.

Netflix: Street Food

Editor — Production Company: Boardwalk Pictures

From the creators of "Chef's Table," "Street Food" eschews exclusive and expensive dining rooms in favor of shining a spotlight on a few the humble street chefs who feed the rest of the world. The series highlights flavors and traditions from all across Asia, while sharing the inspiring stories of the people who create those flavors and keep those traditions alive.

I was the exclusive editor on two episodes of this series — Taiwan and Indonesia — and was an additional editor on several more. 

Showtime: Action

Editor — Production Company: Boardwalk Pictures

 I helped edit this four-part documentary series, which chronicles the 2018 Supreme Court decision to legalize sports gambling. "Action" tells the big picture story of legalization, and also provides a glimpse into the lives of the major players in this high-stakes world. Though the big wins may seem glamorous, "Action" pulls no punches in exposing the potential pitfalls that come with legal gambling, for both individuals and the nation as a whole.

Lexus LS 500

Editor — Agency: Team One

Editing and Sound Design. One spot of many, profiling five feature sets of the new flagship luxury sedan. Videos were also versioned for various social media platforms, including vertical 16:9 which took advantage of the format by stacking multiple shots from the original spots.

Netflix: Fearless

Series Editor — Production Companies: Boardwalk Pictures & 25/7 Productions

2017 Sports Emmy nominee for Outstanding Long Form Editing

The greatest bull-riders in the world compete in the United States. Funny thing is, most of them are Brazilian cowboys. It was a thrill to tell their exhilarating and dangerous story, but also a great challenge as most of the dialogue was in Portuguese (which I don't speak). But after cutting multiple episodes, one does start to pick up a surprising amount.

Netflix: Ultimate Beastmaster

Series Editor — Production Company: 25/7 Productions

Some of the best athletes from around the world attempt to conquer the toughest obstacle course ever conceived. Worked on multiple episodes, in multiple languages (the show is localized for six different international regions, with a different set of hosts and competitors from each).

FYI: Padma's Late Night Bites

Editor - Production Companies: Boardwalk Pictures & IMG

A segment from a pilot I edited, featuring Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. Fueled by margaritas, sake, and some exotic animal anatomy, Padma and her friend, comedian Mo Mandell, spend a night experiencing the late night food culture of New York City. Funny, sexy, and mostly delicious.

Nat Geo: Breakthrough

Editor — Production Company: Asylum Entertainment

Directed by Ron Howard, "The Age of Aging" gives viewers a glimpse at the future of medicine. Far from snake oil, research has shown that aging itself is a modifiable biological process, and that treating it may prevent all the diseases we associate with old age. The next step is convincing the world.

CBS: Victoria's Secret Swim Special

Editor — Production Company: Done And Dusted

In addition to editing several segments of the 2015 Victoria's Secret Swim Special on CBS, I cut this trailer and more than 20 other promotional pieces for TV and social media.

Golf Channel: Ginella's Journeys

Editor — Production Company: Latitude Films

A recurring travel segment on Golf Channel's morning show, Ginella's Journeys features golf destinations all over the country and the world, highlighting the best courses in the area and other activities from fine dining to jet-packing. In this installment, Matt travels to Benton Harbor, MI, to tell the story of a town beaten down by the loss of manufacturing industries, and how a new golf development completely rejuvenated the area in under a decade.

Some More Segments I Edited

Las Vegas

Northern Michigan

Puerto Rico

CNN Heroes

Lead Package Editor — Production Company: Done And Dusted

2011 Peabody Award winner in the category of Public Service.

A truly positive and inspiring television event, CNN bills its Heroes program as "an awards show for people who actually deserve it." Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I led a small team of editors to tell the stories of all the award recipients. This film features Derrek Kayongo, a Ugandan refugee who recycles soap and provides it to impoverished regions across the world.

Spike: GT Academy

Series Editor — Production Company: Radical Media

Can accomplished gamers transition from Virtual to Reality? In its global GT Academy series, Nissan takes the country's best players of the popular Gran Turismo video game and puts them behind the wheel of actual race cars to compete for a real racing contract. I worked on three seasons of the show. In this excerpt, the hosts chase the contestants around the track in a modified SUV with a remote-controlled paintball gun mounted to the hood. Basically, it's the most fun thing ever created.

NBC: Justin Bieber — All Around the World

Editor — Production Company: Done And Dusted

One of the segments I edited from a two-part special which aired on NBC. "All Around The World" follows one of the world's biggest celebrities as he performs a free tour across Europe and North America to promote his upcoming album "Believe." When it aired, the show was the #1 trending topic on Twitter – despite going up against the NBA Finals.

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